This post describe how to install the Transmission BitTorrent client on a headless, remote server. You’ll be able to add new downloads via a web interface and mobile apps, such as Remote Transmission.

The installation is based on RedHat Entreprise Linux, aka RHEL, and derivatives like CentOS. You need the EPEL repository to be configured on your system.

Installation using YUM:

yum install transmission-deamon

Just to make sure…

service transmission-daemon stop

The RPM creates a “transmission” user, whose default home is at /var/lib/transmission. Let’s move everything related to P2P to a dedicated partition (mounted at /mnt/storage/)

usermod -m -d /mnt/storage/transmission/ transmission

Edit /etc/sysconfig/transmission-daemon with a text editor.

Uncomment TRANSMISSION_HOME and set a proper value (here /mnt/storage/transmission)

Also, we are going to configure the logging facilities of the daemon: uncomment DAEMON_ARGS and append " --logfile=/var/log/transmission.log"

Now your /etc/sysconfig/transmission-daemon you should like this:

DAEMON_ARGS="-T --blocklist -g $TRANSMISSION_HOME/.config/transmission-daemon --logfile=/var/log/transmission.log"

Save the file and exit your editor.

Prepare the log file:

touch /var/log/transmission.log
chown transmission:transmission /var/log/transmission.log

Now start then stop the daemon, so that it creates a default configuration file:

service transmission-daemon start
service transmission-daemon stop

The configuration file is /mnt/storage/transmission/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json. As the extension suggests, the JavaScript Object Notation is used.

Open the file with a text editor.

To be able to access the web interface remotly, you have to either set rpc-whitelist-enabled to false, or or edit rpc-whitelist

You can tweak other parameters, such as the maximum upload speed (speed-limit-up).

Save the file and exit your editor.

If needed, open the required ports on your firewall. The remote interface port is TCP 9091.


service transmission-daemon start
chkconfig transmission-daemon on

Test you setup by connecting to http://${IP}:9091 with a browser.